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ACO Statement

For immediate release


Dear Mountain Health Community,

We’ve heard your concerns about how Mountain Community Health (MCH) works with Accountable Care
Organizations (ACOs) and we want to clear a few things up.

First off, MCH is completely independent. We’re a non-profit health center run by a Board of Directors, who are people from our community, just like you. Many of them are also patients here. They’re dedicated to making sure we do our best in serving you.

Our team is made up of caring clinicians and support staff who work hard to provide great healthcare, no
matter what your financial situation is. We offer primary care, behavioral health, dental care, and help for
substance use disorders.

Now, about ACOs – they’re a big part of today’s healthcare world. We work with ACOs in Vermont, like
OneCare and Vytalize, to improve the quality of care we give you. They help us focus on making your
experience better, coordinating your care, ensuring your safety, and looking after preventive health and highrisk groups. The better we do in these areas, the more support we get from the ACOs. This support goes straight into providing you with the best services.

What’s ACO Reach? It’s a program by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It helps healthcare
providers like us come together to improve care for people with Traditional Medicare. All ACOs have to meet strict standards set by these centers and sometimes even by the state.

Our main goal is, and always will be, to take good care of you, our patients.

Thanks for being a part of our community!

The Board of Directors
Mountain Community Health

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